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Classical education

Did you know that before the mid-eighteenth century, instilling a Christian Worldview was the purpose of nearly all Western education. This was based, in part, on Ephesians 6 that commands parents to raise their children in “the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” In addition to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, education sought to bring an inner transformation to the student. Classical Christian education seeks to return to this objective; to shape the virtues and affections in students so that they will be in line with God’s will. Tens of thousands of parents are embracing Classical Christian schools because they can see the difference. Classical Christian Education starts with a different purpose and ends with different results than conventional education.

At WCA, we embrace the rich tradition of Classical Education to foster deep intellectual growth, spiritual development, and a lifelong love of learning. One of our primary goals of WCA is to direct the affections of our students to love the highest things. We want students to have hearts which desire Christ-centered living. We want them to love virtue and hate evil. These are why we educate.

In the Classroom we employ time-tested teaching methodologies as part of a rigorous academic curriculum to cultivate well-rounded individuals equipped to excel in the 21st century. Our approach revolves around the three pillars of classical education:

  1. Grammar Stage (Grades K-6): During the early years, we lay a solid foundation by immersing students in the fundamental building blocks of knowledge. Through engaging lessons utilizing repetition, singing, and rhymes, Literacy, Grammar, Spelling and Math skills are practiced and mastered.
  2. Logic Stage (Grades 7-9): As students become teenagers, they become naturally inquisitive and sometimes more challenging. We embrace this stage of life and encourage analytical reasoning and thoughtful evaluation. Through Socratic discussions and the study of logic, students develop their intellectual independence and learn to construct persuasive arguments.
  3. Rhetoric Stage (Grades 10-12): In the final phase, we empower students to express themselves eloquently and persuasively, equipping them with the tools needed to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas. Through comprehensive writing assignments, junior and senior thesis presentations, and the study of great works of literature, students refine their expressive abilities and develop a profound appreciation for the power of language.

The benefits of a Classical education extend beyond the classroom. By fostering a deep understanding of the past and encouraging critical thinking skills, our students become adept problem solvers, creative thinkers, and engaged citizens. They are equipped with the tools to navigate an ever-changing world, adapt to new challenges, and make meaningful contributions in their communities.

We invite you to come discover the timeless wisdom that is shaping future leaders.

Want to know more about Classical Education?

We recommend “Shaping Hearts and Minds: Why it Matters Where Your Child Goes to School” by Monica Whatley.

This short book offers a snapshot of the essentials of Classical Christian Education, and how it compares to all other forms of education.  You can read why this flourishing approach to learning is inspiring, equipping and shaping the hearts of students.  We would love to send you a free copy!

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classical parent university (cpu)

It is important for our enrolled families to fully grasp the scope and blessings of a Classical Christian Education.

CPU helps WCA families engage with one another in discovering a deeper understanding of what happens within the walls of WCA and how we can best partner together!  Explore CPU