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what to expect in kindergarten

Everything we do focuses not only on building foundations for reading, math, and academic subjects, but also on growing spiritually. From handwriting to counting to memorizing bible verses, we strive to praise God with our best here in Kindergarten! 

We recognize that students in kindergarten need time to adjust to the rigors of school and so their day is intentionally segmented to allow for concentrated instruction while seated at a desk, gathering on the floor for large group activities, twice-daily recess, rest time, and walking to enrichment specials throughout the building. 


Saxon Phonics, daily systematic phonics instruction based on the Science of Reading.

  • In kindergarten we focus on learning letter sounds, segmenting and blending sounds, and applying what is learned to read books.
  • By the end of kindergarten, students will master letter names, letter sounds, produce rhyming words and identify the initial, medial, and final positions of sounds in words.

Literature is introduced by means of reading aloud throughout all content areas

  • Jan Brett, Dr. Seuss, Robert McCloskey, Eric Carle, and more for comprehension and enjoyment.
  • Singapore Math emphasizes a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and problem-solving. Students develop an understanding of the language of math rather than memorizing the processes of math. 
  • Examples of concepts taught throughout the year: sorting and classifying, shapes, measurement, addition and subtraction, time, and money.
bible/verse memory
  • Students memorize 26 verses of Scripture from A to Z through song
  • Using daily readings from the Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible the students  learn the big picture of when Bible events happen and how those events all fit together to tell one story pointing to Jesus
  • Daily prayer time 
social studies
  • Bede’s History of ME (Veritas Press) helps students learn the basics about history and the passage of time. Students complete a timeline of their own lives.
  • Students also learn about Community Helpers and participate in a career dress up day.
  • New Friends and New Places (Nystrom) Students begin to learn about people and places in our communities.  
  • Students complete a country project where they learn about their heritage by researching a country
  • Students use God’s Design: Plants for Beginners (Answers in Genesis) to learn about animal life. 
  • Students complete an animal science experiment and learn the basic steps to the scientific method
  • Weekly chapels and a Kindergarteners led a chapel in the spring
  • Weekly Grammar School Assembly focusing on core values and etiquette
  • Physical Education, Library and Nature Education
  • Art: We guide students to imitate their Creator as they express themselves through art, seeking to reflect and understand the profound truth, beauty, and goodness of God. Projects are thoughtfully selected to integrate art with their classroom learning and developmental abilities.

    In kindergarten, students learn how to visually express themselves and ideas by using various tools, processes and media as well as the elements of art including line, color, shape, texture, space, value, and form. Students develop a deeper appreciation of the world around them including other cultures, people and art making through the study of art history.

  • Music: Students begin to learn Music Literacy using the Kodály Method by means of “An American Methodology: An Inclusive Approach to Musical Literacy”
  • Latin: We begin Latin in an enjoyable way introducing concepts like colors and family words to prepare students for more advanced Latin studies later in Grammar School
  • Reading Buddies: This long-standing tradition at WCA brings together 5th graders and kindergartners each week to practice reading together and later working together to author their own book.
  • 2 daily recesses-mid-morning and after lunch
  • Adopt-a-Leader class service project to pray for and support a local community leader.
  • Various Field Trips and Special Projects

2nd Grade Stories

Catch the excitement our early education teachers have for shaping the hearts, minds and souls of their young students through literature.

Pam Douglass
Director of Admissions

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