2023 Thesis Presentations

April 24-26, 2023

Seth hindall

Be a Man!

For most of history, the role of men has been simple: protect, provide, and procreate. However, in the current era of shifting gender norms, many men find their traditional roles taken or devalued, and the question of what is a man arises. Modern society offers two radically different answers, that being the hyper masculine man and the hypo masculine man. However, the only way to answer this question is to look to Jesus, for as he is the perfect human, he is also the perfect male, in soul, mind and body.  View Thesis Presentation

mihai otsuka

Salvation from Sorrow:
God’s Provision for the Downcast

Ever since the fall, mankind has been plagued with a spiritual disease called depression. Throughout many years people have formed coping mechanisms in hopes of saving themselves. However there is no true way to be saved except through Christ, who makes a way for people to effectively manage depression through his provision. First, God makes a way through his character. Second, God makes a way through his Word. And the third, He makes a way through man’s obedience.  View Thesis Presentation

emma kuyper

Modeling The Forgiver

The act of repenting and forgiving has become marginalized, becoming a courtesy rather than an act of restoration. Man does not understand forgiveness because man does not fully understand sin. Forgiveness is not understood due to man’s lack of understanding of sin because of three misconceptions about forgiveness. First, is that man is ignorant of his own sin. Second, that man excuses others’ sin, and third, he wrongly believes that forgiveness removes consequences.  View Thesis Presentation

gio sigetic

Stewardship of Health

In a world with a broken, sinful and mistaken perspective on physical health, Christians should put off worldly traditional thinking and put on a biblical understanding and application of caring for the body. God has provided all that we need for ourselves thus we should care for our bodies with this in the forefront of our thinking. Christians have been misled about how they think about health. There are many reasons that it is difficult to obtain health. Yet, Christians can and should seek to pursue a healthier lifestyle.  View Thesis Presentation

haylee billy

No Pain, No Gain: Suffering and Grief with God’s Goodness

It is evident that in all cases of suffering, man asks himself “Why?” Many do not view pain as a good thing and believe that since we have a good God we should not suffer. The problem is that we measure God’s goodness by our contentment or level of happiness. Man’s suffering is fundamental to see God’s goodness through his will, his eternal promises, and his call for the Great Commission. This can be seen in three ways: first God uses man’s suffering to align his will to His own; second, God may use man’s suffering to cultivate an eternal mindset within man’s heart; lastly, He will equip man to minister to others.  View Thesis Presentation

emma zuccola

Teachers: Shapers of Hearts and Minds

Throughout time, the meaning of education has diminished. What courses schools teach have changed, and the morals that schools teach are different. Education—which not only equips students with information but also transforms their hearts, souls, and minds—is directly impacted by the teacher. The teacher’s perspective on God and man directly impacts a student’s education. In addition, the teacher’s view of education shapes how they educate. Lastly, the teacher’s character greatly impacts the student’s education.  View Thesis Presentation.

robert hussey

Gun Control: the Specious Solution

Gun control would not be effective at reducing violent crime in the United States, and it actually harms the nation. Gun control endangers citizens’ political safety in the right to bear arms, threatens citizens’ general physical safety, and cannot account for the fallenness of man and the evil that man has the capacity to possess. Gun control presents many dangers to the citizens on the United States.  View Thesis Presentation

owen hancock

Politics and Faith: Navigating Elections as a Christian Voter

Democracy is on the decline. A mere thirteen percent of the world lives in democracies. As it turns out an astounding one-third of Christians do not vote in local or national elections. Voting is part of a Christian’s responsibility to their country and to the Church. Thankfully, God has outlined in scripture the principles of how Christians ought to vote.  View Thesis Presentaion

allison nee

Risk Versus Reward: Is Modern Medicine Worth It?

Today’s medical system fails to value the sanctity of life the way it ought to. Christian medical providers are called to help maintain patients’ dignity in life and death, by resisting the brokenness of the medical system and, instead, following the example of Jesus’ ministry to care well for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Jesus commissioned His people to value the sanctity of all life – in health, sickness, and death – and in all circumstances – physical maladies, mental and emotional ailments, and spiritual sufferings.  View Thesis Presentation

isabel urbancic

The Truth of the Matter: Navigating Identity in the Postmodern World

The western world has an identity problem. The widespread identity crisis in our society stems from the relativism characteristic of postmodernism and its goal to re-conceptualize truth. I will argue this point through examining the political stream in which the disguised postmodernism has traveled, the great impact of three forefathers of postmodernism who largely shaped human identity as it is known today, and the fundamental differences in behavior that “modern” religion has created.  View Thesis Presentation

nathaniel shackelford

Creating the Aeneid

View Thesis Presentation


casey calderhead

Composing the Aeneid Soundtrack

 View Thesis Presentation


Alex Salamon

Scripting of the Aeneid

View Thesis Presentation


Leeland Fartro

Conceptualizing of
the Aeneid’s Little Bits

View Thesis Presentation


Kyler Pun

Making of the Aeneid’s Little Bits

View Thesis Presentation





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