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2022 Thesis Presentations

Reanna Urry

America: The Founders’ Goal for a Christian Nation

Since the beginning of America, the Founders wanted to start a nation based on God’s word, but the American government has slid away from that goal. America’s government now seeks to act like God. Men and women politicians attempt to step in and take the role that God plays. These government officials, first, try to decide matters of life and death, secondly, re-define marriage, and lastly, destroy God’s calling to work.  View Thesis Presentation

Jena Perkins

Perfectionism: The Unexpected Epidemic

Christians across the nation are falling prey to a potent lie: man ought to prove his worth by achieving perfection in all his efforts. The “disease” of perfectionism has spread too far and deceived too many people, and Christians should make an attempt to stop it from infecting their own hearts. This thesis will argue that the perfectionism of today’s society is harmful to Christians because of the way it prevents people from seeing the full glory of God and embracing the righteousness and grace he desires for his children.  View Thesis Presentation

Hunter Anthony

Blessed Assurance: Perfect Submission in an Imperfect World

Gender roles have been a recurring argument in America. Modern day culture has sought to dismantle or smash any form of structure when it comes to genders; however, God’s Word is clear on the subject. Furthermore, God’s Word is clear on the role of men and women in relation to God and to each other. This thesis addresses the issue of gender roles inside the American Evangelical Church, seeking to reform and revive the thinking of God’s people to align with His Word.  View Thesis Presentation

Josh Santos

Industrialization’s Path of Destruction

Mankind began a turning point during the start of the Industrial Revolution that rapidly introduced many new technologies to the world, which have improved society but have also become immensely dangerous because of mankind’s reliance on it. More specifically, this reliance has negatively impacted the government, the family as a unit, and the individual.  View Thesis Presentation

Charis Lauer

A Father’s Influence Overlooked

As social issues continue to increase in America, it is becoming apparent that fathers play a significant role in how the younger generation impacts society for good or evil. This is an issue which many overlook, as the modern view of marriage and family has been warped from its original God-given purpose. This thesis will argue that fathers’ impact on their children is affecting the family, the education and character development of their children, and increasing crime rates, specifically juvenile delinquency.   View Thesis Presentation

Lily Thomas

Danger In The Hands Of Our Youth

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, technology has become normalized for all including our youth. Toddlers, preschoolers and young children are growing up heavily exposed to screens. Traditional childhood games have been abandoned and replaced with screen time. Frequent use of electronics is affecting brain development, relationships, and abundant living in numerous ways. This issue needs to be addressed in order for our future generations to prosper rather than get warped into a sitting and swiping world. View Thesis Presentation

Ella Douglass

The Lens of Beauty According to
Aquinas, Edwards, and Church

God leaves His imprint on everything that is made, and one must take the time to truly see the beauty in the natural world. Through the works of philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas, preacher Jonathan Edwards, and artist Frederic Edwin Church, Christians and the rest of mankind can find the correct way to see beauty and find joy in praising God for His majesty and power revealed through His creation. The eyes, the brain, and the hands are in tune with one another and once these three are in use, Christians can find beauty in the big and little scenes of life.   View Thesis Presentation

Noah Nicholas

Risk Versus Reward:
Is Modern Medicine Worth It?

As a result of sin, disease and illness have entered the world. To combat the rise of disease and death, man discovers various forms of medicine that are able to aid in a wide variety of areas. Three main fields that have come out of this are the pharmaceutical industry, medical technologies, and vaccines. This thesis addresses these three areas of our modern medical field, showing how the reward has been valued higher than the risk taken and their consequences, and that we must be wise about the decisions we make regarding how we interact with modern medicine.   View Thesis Presentation

Phil Abbuhl

The Struggles of Life:
How They Are Used For God’s Glory

Our world has been devastated by the ramifications of major crises. But it is through crises that we are given a chance for renewal. This thesis will discuss three types of crises in particular that affect us today: natural disaster, war and disease. It is because of our sin nature that we are plagued by these hardships. Through these trials, God is revealed as sovereign, omnipotent, and faithful. View Thesis Presentation

Matthew Brennan

Conspiracy Theories: Where Our Trust Should Trust Lie?

Conspiracy theories are spreading like wildfire recently, and with this comes many questions. We are left either believing in them or wondering how others do believe them. For the Christian, we must be able to find the balance of living in a world of belief and disbelief. This thesis addresses the issues of living in such a world, and discusses why many people believe the things they do.   View Thesis Presentation

George Cottenden

Puerto Rico: the 51st Star

Commonwealth or Statehood? This is a pressing question for the citizens of Puerto Rico and the United States government. Statehood has been on the mind of many Puerto Ricans since Puerto Rico came under U.S. control in 1898. But is this the best option for both Puerto Rico and the United States? This thesis examines the reasons for and benefits of statehood for Puerto Rico by examining the US’s moral obligation, the cultural and economic benefits to both parties, and the future benefits to the United States.   View Thesis Presentation

Beatrice Shackelford

The Free Market:
Providing Proven Solutions to Today’s Climate Crisis

Global warming is a crisis that the U.S. military describes as a “threat multiplier,” which means that it makes issues such as drought, famine, weather events, refugee crises, terrorism, and war more extreme. However, global warming also has huge implications for international economies and policy, making the issue fraught with controversy. This thesis will develop a free market plan of action for global warming based on proven historical solutions that protect personal liberty, the free market, and conservative ideals to show that these ideals and effective action in global warming are not incompatible.  View Thesis Presentation

Halle Parks

The Rise and Fall of a Once Virtuous Nation

The use of the term, American Exceptionalism, today causes various levels of either disdain or patriotism. The Founding Fathers desired for their new nation to thrive under the triad of virtue, order and freedom. Our understanding of America as exceptional has diminished as a result of the decline of virtue in society. The institutional church in modern America has relinquished its responsibility in teaching virtuous living to American citizens. If the institutional church is no longer the hub of virtue, both freedom and order dissolve and thus we have no reason to consider America or its citizens—exceptional.  View Thesis Presentation

John Corn

The Role of Scientists:
Analysis of Creation and Discovery in Shelley’s Frankenstein

This thesis is an analysis of Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein, and the ways that we can see the key themes of creation and discovery play out. It will demonstrate how the creators and explorers relate to God through their work and look more closely into the idea of immoral creations, like the monster in Frankenstein. Ultimately it will show that creators have greater responsibility than explorers, and that the idea of creation is one which must be dealt with very carefully, so as to avoid trying to make oneself God.   View Thesis Presentation

Emily Nee

Modern Artists:
Is The Internet A Legitimate Avenue Of Business?

How has art culture and art itself developed over the centuries since the Renaissance? Did the birth of the digital world mark the death of true artistry? This thesis will argue that the Internet is an ample tool for creation that can be utilized in a multitude of beneficial ways, and that art culture is ever-evolving in a positive trend. It will examine the ways in which a creator may use the Internet to market, publish, and distribute their works better than ever before in art history.   View Thesis Presentation

Helen Rogers

Finding The Great War in Middle Earth

J.R.R.Tolkien was a soldier in World War One, but unlike many authors who fought in the war or lived in the post-war period, Tolkien’s most famous work The Lord of the Rings is full of joy and hope and life. This does not mean, however, that The Great War is absent from his writing. This thesis will explore the connection between Tolkien’s WWI experience and the virtues of hope, courage, and leadership found in The Lord of the Rings.   View Thesis Presentation