Rich & Cher Thomas
WCA family for nearly 20 years, Rich served on the Board from 2008-2019, Cher served as the Capital Campaign Coordinator from 2017-2018 and has substitute taught since 2018.

Rich & Cher Thomas

Rich & Cher Thomas WCA family for nearly 20 years, Rich served on the Board from 2008-2019, Cher served as the Capital Campaign Coordinator from 2017-2018 and has substitute taught since 2018.

Linda Kuyper
Teacher 1998-2002, Substitute 2013-Present, Board Member 2012-2021

Linda Kuyper

Linda Kuyper  Teacher 1998-2002, Substitute 2013-Present, Board Member 2012-2021

Linda Kuyper | My name is Linda Kuyper and I have been asked to share with you my sweet journey at Westside Christian Academy. 

In 1998, I graduated from Cedarville College (now known as Cedarville University) with an education degree.  My husband and I got married in the summer of ‘98 and established our roots in Cleveland.  Upon graduating, I started teaching at a brand new classical christian school that was only two years old, known to many of you as Westside Christian Academy.  I was quickly introduced to the classical model of teaching.  I taught fourth grade for one year and second grade for three years before leaving to start our family in 2002. 

When I initially started at WCA in 1998, the classical method of teaching was new for everyone.  It was a new concept that the founding board members, teachers, and parents were still exploring.  It was different and not a familiar method of teaching.  In addition, we were unsure of what it actually looked like in the classroom.  However, the founding board members were clearly led by the Lord and committed to this method and the outcome it would produce.  I don’t quite know if they knew the full impact that WCA would have on hundreds of children and families (including mine) that would later walk these halls. 

In 2007, we enrolled our oldest daughter, Abby, into kindergarten at WCA.  We later enrolled our two other daughters, Emma and Molly, in the years that followed.  Over the years, my husband and I have had the privilege of watching our daughters grow through this program.  We have seen the depth of their studies that has trained their minds to think biblically and critically.  We have been a part of discussions at our dinner table that have warmed our hearts because it evidenced an understanding and application of their learning.  We have seen laughter over teaching styles and discussions conducted in the classroom that have brought them joy.  My husband and I have participated in many parent-teacher conferences in which we have physically seen the love and insight that each teacher has had, and continues to have, for our daughters.  We have witnessed the mission of WCA in action on volleyball courts and teams as our girls have competed in extracurricular sports outside WCA.  THIS is what we are equipping their hearts and minds to do…to be able to leave these walls, with our guidance, and apply the very truths they are learning on a daily basis.  We have witnessed what they have learned at home, church, and school come together to form a piece of the tapestry that God has already planned for them…a beautiful weaving of three cords involving home, church, and school.

Through the years, I have had the opportunity to serve in many capacities at WCA, including teacher, parent, volunteer, substitute teacher, and board member.  I have had the privilege of watching this start-up school embark on a journey that involved a curriculum that most of its community had no idea about and see it develop to what it is today.  The continual shepherding of our daughters’ hearts, the deep level of learning, the integration of biblical truth in everything, the godly role models, and the academic excellence pursued continue to be used to shape the young ladies that are in our family…even beyond graduation.  

This journey hasn’t been without its struggles, but God is faithful.  We can trust Him.  We can trust Him with the lives of our children and strive to walk in obedience as we intentionally shepherd their hearts and minds toward what is True, Beautiful, and Good.  We have been so thankful for the ways in which WCA has helped us do that and it’s through God’s grace that I can share the impact that it has had on our family’s life.  To God be ALL the glory!!




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