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  1. Why are we undertaking another capital campaign?

    This campaign is raising funds for a major multi-year building project which includes
    Upper School (US) expansion (40,420 sq. ft.) and Grammar School (GS) renovations
    (11,570 sq. ft.). The board and school leadership have prayerfully determined this
    plan will serve our current student body and best position WCA to fulfill our mission
    in years to come. In simple terms, as enrollment grows and current GS matriculates
    we are out of space. We have the opportunity before us to educate future
    generations of thoughtful believers, equipping them to think Christianly in a post-
    Christian society and to walk in God’s goodness even through life’s toughest

  2. Do tuition dollars also pay for the construction?

    No. Tuition generally pays for the operating expenses of WCA. The capital campaign
    exists to protect WCA tuition dollars and operating expenses from being impacted by
    building expansion costs. Capital campaign gifts are completely separate, and are
    pledged with a clear understanding of this delineation.

  3. What is the difference between the annual fund and the capital campaign?

    Why all the fundraising?

    WCA’s annual fund will always exist, and currently has a $203,000 goal. These funds
    are used exclusively for tuition assistance, special programming and operational
    support. The Capital Campaign is for specific building expansion/ improvements and
    will be closed when necessary project costs are raised.

  4. What is the timeline and projected cost of this project?

    Phase IA
    Summers of 2023 and 2024: 3 classroom addition (on back of current gymnasium) &
    significant infrastructure upgrades: sewer, water, electrical, driveway and parking lot
    relocated- $2,200,000
    Phase IB
    By August 2026: US addition & significant GS renovations – $13,400,000
    Final Phase
    Library, Administrative wing, School Entrance -funding will determine timing.
    $1,400,000 (if built in conjunction with Phase I)
    Note: gymnasium is not part of this project. Board will determine plans for the
    gymnasium after this building project is completed.

  5. Will these changes require taking on any additional debt?

    The Board will strive to put WCA in the best possible financial position with any
    projects that are pursued.  It is difficult to predict if residual debt will occur until the
    fundraising process is completed, however the Board’s goal is to responsibly move
    forward without negatively impacting our operational budget.

  6. Will expansion allow for increased enrollment?

    Yes. School enrollment is currently 330, and WCA has experienced double-digit
    growth in recent years. By May of 2028, Lord willing, we expect a graduating class of
    over 30, and enrollment nearing 450. Based upon our classical Christian education
    model we envision capping enrollment at 480. This growth isn’t just adding more
    students, it is allowing our current Grammar School students to enter high school
    and graduate with an outstanding Christ-centered education.

  7. What will students & parents experience during construction?

    As God provides, 2023-24 school year will begin with 3 new classrooms on the back
    of the current gymnasium and possibly other features tied into our plan.
    Construction for phase 1b will begin as early as May ’24 or as late as May ’25. It will
    be a fourteen month construction process. This construction period will require
    grace, flexibility and patience from staff, students and parents. Student & staff safety and productive learning environments are and will continue to be WCA’s highest

  8. Are parents expected to participate in this Capital Campaign?

    At this time our team is actively working with WCA partners who are making
    foundational gifts. Later, during the public phase of the campaign we will look to our
    school community as we close out our $17M goal. At this time, please be praying
    that the Lord would be at work in the hearts of our school community, and pray
    about how He is calling you to support this undertaking. Parents and other friends
    who wish to assist financially at this time are encouraged to contact our philanthropy

  9. How can I help now?

    It is critical that we are united as a community in prayer before the Lord. Please use
    the campaign prayer to seek the Lord regularly with your family, and share as you
    are led. In addition, the success of this campaign requires significant gifts beyond
    our current donor base. If you have personal or foundation connections, we welcome
    your introduction.

  10. How can I learn more?

    All families are encouraged to sign up for a campaign round table session. During
    these hour-long meetings, Wes Moore, or a board member will walk you through
    WCA’s case for support, and answer any questions you may have about this exciting
    time at WCA. If you have any questions please contact Wes Moore
    (wmoore@westsideacademy.org) or Katherine Zawtocki