Westside Christian Academy prek – 12 classical christian school

tuition assistance

Westside Christian Academy (WCA) seeks to aid children in their spiritual and academic development in order to be equipped to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives in the home, church, and society. WCA, as an extension of the home and of the church, exists to fulfill God’s commands to raise children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” While we believe that the Bible clearly gives the responsibility of training children to parents, WCA is here to assist parents in fulfilling this biblical responsibility.

The ministry of WCA and the partnership with the parents must result from an overflow of fruit resulting from individuals pursuing God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind. Furthermore, there is an economic investment that requires families to evaluate the use of their income in order that their students can be a part of the ministry at WCA. It is the obligation of WCA to respect this burden by developing a financial model that best reflects the principles and best practices that we see throughout the Holy Scriptures when providing goods and services in order to provide the environment necessary for the student’s spiritual and academic development.

The financial model utilized by WCA was developed with the understanding that not all families will be able to cover the tuition costs associated with a classical Christian education. As such, a Tuition Assistance Program was made available to those who desire to be a part of WCA but would be unable to do so without some form of assistance. The Tuition Assistance Program is best described as an agreement evaluated every school-year that assumes the following:

  1. Families prayerfully consider their own budgets before applying for assistance understanding that the economic investment of Classical Christian Education may limit/take away other discretionary options from within their budgets
  2. Families receiving assistance should make reasonable strides to ensure that their decisions and economic positions are improving from year-to-year with the goal, barring any unforeseen events, of being able to achieve less assistance in the future. Awards are distributed according to our budget for financial aid
  3. Tuition assistance is available due to the financial commitments of the families, donors, and faculty/staff
  4. If an event occurs that changes the financial position of a family receiving tuition assistance, the family will notify the Headmaster in order to discuss the potential for forfeiture of assistance (partial/whole)

Those who have prayerfully considered all of the above and are in need to apply will complete their application within the Grant & Aid section of FACTS (FACTS Grant & Aid Application). We utilize FACTS to help us gather necessary information in order to assist in determining a family’s ability to contribute toward tuition. FACTS does not determine the amount of financial aid awarded, rather, award decisions are made by our Financial Aid Committee based on the FACTS application and any special circumstances. We encourage those in need of financial aid to begin the process as early as possible