Westside Christian Academy prek – 12 classical christian school


Frequently asked questions about the Head of School (HOS) search

Q: Mr. Whiteman has announced that he will retire. When is this happening?
A: Mr. Whiteman plans to complete the 2022-2023 school year. At that time he will likely be retained as a consultant for further work with and advisement to WCA.

Q: Why was this announcement made now?
A: The timing of this announcement allows for a healthy timeline for the Board of Trustees to search for and hire a new Head of School. It gives our community time to self-evaluate and align ourselves with our strategic plans and dreams for our future.

Q: When will the search for a new Head of School begin?
A: It already has begun. A Head of School search committee has been operating and is moving forward with a timeline and specific tasks.

Q: Who is on the search committee?
A: Two trustees co-chair this committee, Aaron Fenton and Natalie Taylor. Other trustees will be active on this committee. Other advisory committees and focus groups will be formed as needed to work with the committee and provide input around specific topics regarding the search. The search committee desires to give oppportunity to every person who desires to give input. This will be gathered in an organized manner.

Q: I’d like to know what is going on with the search? Who should I ask?
A: Actually, no one. The best place to get information that is current and accurate is the website page. It will be updated regularly with a report from the search committee. The search process will cover many months. Updates will come when there is new information to share. Teachers and staff will use this site to stay updated as well. Literally, we will all be on the same page.

Q: It seems like now is a good time to give input into WCA’s future. I have a lot of thoughts. How can I share them?
A: The very best way is to take time to fill out the surveys that will be opened for all Association members to complete in the near future. The Board of Trustees wants to capture as much association input as possible in writing. The survey will give an opportunity for members to provide constructive, anonymous input. This step is very important. Please plan for adequate time for prayer and the completion of this future exercise.

Q: I wasn’t expecting this and I feel anxious. Is this normal?
A: Change always brings uncertainty; however, it also brings opportunities for God to stretch us, grow us, and move us forward. As a community, WCA has some amazing strengths. We are excited for God to provide what we need next to fulfill our mission in the Westlake community and beyond. This is a great time to spend more time praying for this future leader, for our current leaders and teachers, and WCA in general.

Q: Do we have a mission statement for the school that reflects where we want to go?
A: Yes. An ad hoc Mission and Vision committee has been meeting to revise our outdated mission statement. It will be made available on our website after approval by the Board.

Q: I think we should be praying more for WCA at this time. How can we do this?
A: There will be planned opportunities for prayer, but as God leads, find others to gather together with and pray. Pray specifically for our Board of Trustees to have wisdom, for God to work in the heart of our future HOS to increase his or her interest in coming here, and for the health of our school and its teachers, staff, and leaders. Pray for those whom we may consult with, for them to have wisdom and be guided by the Lord.

Q: When will the new Head of School be hired?
A: Ideally, the new HOS would be hired by the summer of 2023 to be ready for the 2023-2024 school year.

Q: I think I know someone who would be interested in this HOS position. Who should I contact?
A: The association will be informed and have access to the HOS opportunity profile once the position is publicly posted. That would be the opening of our recruiting process. Interested persons would be able to view the opportunity online and apply at that time.