Classical Christian Education
Our School ~
Although most Christian schools would agree on certain fundamentals, it is important that parents scrutinize the foundational beliefs of any school in which they may enroll their child(ren).

Our Distinctives

Distinctive features of a WCA education includes:

  • Our teachers are godly men and women who are well trained and love children, dedicated to discipleship and instruction
  • We teach through a lens of a Biblical worldview in all we do
  • Our classical curriculum and methodologies teach children to think and learn for a lifetime
  • Our academic program includes a strong emphasis on grammar, logic, rhetoric and Latin as well as history, science, mathematics and the arts
  • We cultivate Biblical character and leadership and strive to shepherd a child's heart, not just behavior
  • Class size averages 12 students
  • Our students are involved in multi-age activities through “family groups,” reading buddies school meetings, field trips, musical productions and special service opportunities
  • Every class “adopts” a ministry or government leader for a year. They also are involved in outreach opportunities with local or foreign ministries
  • Parents are partners, welcome any time and invited to volunteer as much as possible